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Do you need ideas for Christmas gifts? Surprise them with a present handmade with love in Ecuador!

We will be able to process orders until the second week of November. From November to February we will not be processing orders due to we will be taking our well-deserved holidays. Thank you for your comprehension.

Worldwide Wholesale includes: USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, UK, rest of Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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Queen Size Alpaca Blankets: Get ready for Christmas!

Alpaca blankets Supplier Alpaca blanket New Zealand South Island Blankets monocolour Squared alpaca blankets
Traditional blankets
Details of stripes
woven in their corners
Striped blankets
Colorful stripes across
their entire lenght
Monocolor blankets
Beautiful blankets
with one base color
Rainbow blankets
Rich color combination
on square patterns

The alpaca belongs to the species of South American camelid and has similitude in appearance with a lama. Its wool is very sought-after due to its softness, lightness and hypo-allergenic properties. Our soft touch blankets are hand-woven on looms of Peguche city, in the Andes of Ecuador, with a blend of 80% alpaca wool and 20% high quality polycotton. This blend will allow the blanket to dry quickly in cold weather conditions. Please be aware that some sellers on the Internet promote alpaca blankets similar to ours as made of 100% alpaca fiber, when in fact they are not. Our fair trade policy includes to tell our customers the true about the blend we use in our process of production.

Our alpaca blankets are perfect for cold nights and can be used as an accessory for home decoration. The blankets can also be used as alpaca throws.

We suggest to hand-wash the alpaca blankets with soft detergent in cold water. During the first week of use, the wool of some blankets might peel off. This is quite normal as the alpaca is a natural fibre. You can brush the blanket with a soft cloth brush to take the excess of the wool off.

We sell blankets per unit and per dozen. Check our four collections of blankets: Monocolor, Traditional, Striped and Rainbow alpaca blankets.

Thinking in placing an order for Christmas? Please take into account: Our Ecuador office staff, will have their holidays from November 2016 to March 2017. Please let us know before the 10th November if you would like to purchase any products from us. If you are based in New Zealand or Australia please contact us at anytime, we might have in stock what you are looking for. Otherwise we apologize in advance for the inconveninece this might cause to you.

Payments can be made through Paypal or bank deposit. For orders of $400 USD or more, we prefer to receive payments through international money transfer. For wholesale information, and all other inquiries, please contact us at

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