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Looking for an original and colorful Valentine present? Surprise them with a gift handmade with love in Ecuador, South America!

Worldwide Wholesale includes: USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, UK, rest of Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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Rainbow Alpaca Blankets - Perfect for winter!

These soft touch blankets take more time to produce than our other models of blankets due to its complexity in shape (squared pattern) and color combinations. Each pattern is unique and we will not be able to produce two exactly the same, but similar (at least that you place a wholesale order). When placing your order, please specify if you are after squares or narrow stripes patterns (see below photos with both type of patterns). For more information about our alpaca blankets and care instructions please click here.

Alpaca blankets squares
Model: Squares pattern
Alpaca throw
Model: Narrow stripes pattern


Approximate Dimensions: (168 x 220) cm. Unit price: $85 USD + shipping. Unit weight: 0.85 Kg.
Worldwide tracked shipping: USA ($62 USD), Canada and Europe ($66 USD); New Zealand and Australia ($73 USD).


Alpaca blankets squares Alpaca Blanket Spring Alpaca blankets squares Alpaca blankets squares Alpaca blankets squares


Alpaca throw


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